Life enhancing therapy through hypnosis


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Relax and transform your life

Relax and transform your life

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94 Navigation Drive, Yapton, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 0F

07834 392047


Do you have a fear or phobia you want to overcome?


Do you have habit you want to break?


Do you want to sleep better, eat less or stop smoking?


Do you feel anxious, stressed or lack confidence?



Let me help you take control of your life with hypnotherapy tailored to your needs


Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe and effective way of helping you to overcome the issues that may be holding you back from achieving success at work, at leisure or in your relationships with others. Through deep relaxation, hypnotherapy can help you to gain peace of mind, thereby allowing you to enjoy your life to the full.  


My approach is completely confidential and non-judgmental, so please contact me for an initial complimentary chat about whatever is troubling you and we can work together to plan and design a hypnotherapy treatment plan just for you.


As a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society I am fully insured and covered by their Code of Ethics.

Christine Mortimer, DipHypCS MHS

Christine Mortimer, DipHypCS MHS    94 Navigation Drive, Yapton, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 0FS   Tel: 07834 392047     email:

Christine Mortimer DipHypCS MHS

Psychotherapeutic counselling Christine Mortimer Oct 2017